This is approved form in Western countries, especially in the budgetary agencies.

It has a lot of advantages compared to the purchase:  


- Profitability - Each copy of the least expanses.

- You choose the brand, model and number of the device in accordance with the current requirements.   

- You Do not care about the write-off of obsolete equipment.

- You do not pay property taxes.

- You do not provide the supply of spare parts and consumables.

- You do not have a maintenance problem - the main problem in this area.

- You gain time – you will not have to announce a Tender  and to stop the device for months for every damaged detail and for repairing  the device.

The rental price of Copying Machine with Sorter-Staple-Print is determined by 0.025 gel for each A 4 format copy.

The price includes expanses of Toner, Deprication and Maintenance. That means all expances except the paper and the electricity.


In the case of Short -term lease of machines the price is Negotiable

There is a special contractual prices for corporate clients

The prices include VAT




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