Lease for any period

Lease for any period

Wide format


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A4 - 0,1

A3 - 0,2


There is a special contractual prices for corporate clients

The prices include VAT





Machines For Rent

Machines For Rent


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Posted on October 23, 2014
used copiers
Posted on October 23, 2014
new copy
Posted on October 23, 2014

About Us

Libcopy ltd team has been in copy business since 1987.

In 1995, the company started to import used copier machines from Europe.

Second-hand copiers  are carring out the full prophylaxis, overhaul and testing in company`s service centre.

The work is led by highly skilled service engineers of Libcopy.

Recovered and tested Copiers are delivered to the final consumers:

- The Copier Centres of Company "Libcopy”

- Tenants leased

- Buyers warranty, installment, maintenance

Since 2000, the company offers to its customers Ricoh-products with the following trademarks - Nashuatec, Rex.Rotary, Gestetner (NRG). These products of Ricoh are designed for demanding customers of Europe and America.

Thus was given a start to an import of New color and black - white copier machines, wide format copier machines, printers, scanners, fax machines, digital duplicators (minitipograpia).

The same year, 2000, on the basis of one of our xerox  centres - (Tbilisi. Ave., 99/1) printing salon began operationg, which offers a full range of services in this area – from computer design to final production.


,,Libcopy” LTD offers used, refurnished copiers accompanied by Technical Service and permanent supply and warranty.

This is approved form in Western countries, especially in the budgetary agencies.

It has a lot of advantages compared to the purchase:      

- Profitability - Each copy of the least expanses.

- You choose the brand, model and number of the device in accordance with the current requirements.   

- You do not have to care about the write-off of obsolete equipment.

- You do not have to pay property taxes.

- You do not have to provide the supply of spare parts and consumables.

- You do not have a maintenance problem - the main problem in this area.

- You gain time – you will not have to announce a Tender  and to stop the device for months

for every damaged detail and for repairing  the device.

The rental price of Copying Machine with Sorter-Staple-Print is determined by 0.025 gel for each A 4 format copy.

The price includes expanses of Toner, Deprication and Maintenance. That means all expances except the paper and the electricity.


In case of Short -term lease of machines the price is Negotiable

There is a special contractual prices for corporate clients

The prices include VAT


B/W and printing with color printer, B/W and color copies


B/W  Two-sided printing – 3 tetri, one sided printing – 3,5 tetri.

Color 1 p. (A4) – 50 tetri,  in case of the quantity – there is a dicount.

Taking originals and delivering ready products at the place.


       B/W and color scanning

      Transferring documentation in  PDF file, archiving – from 5 tetri


          Under the agreement

 Unlimited quantity in the shortest time,

The Best Quality


The prices include VAT

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